Celebrating Pentecost in ‘other’ tongues

Some American congregations are going to listen to the Scripture read in an “other” language and have it translated into English for them this year using the recently launched Komba New Testament as their translation of choice. Here is Acts 2:1-8 read in Likɔɔnl (Komba) and translated into English by Rev. Emmanuel Mananyina.

Here is what Acts 2.1-8 looks like in Komba.

If you have the capability or preference to look at some visuals while listening to the text. You might want to scroll through these shots from the launching of the Likɔɔnl (Komba) New Testament November 1, 2014.

Description of our Ministry

Description of our ministry: It’s been 10 years of talking and imagining a printed Bible, advocating for support from churches and communities, meetings galore, thousands and thousands of pages of draft copies, lots of red ink, red eyes, sleepless nights, travel by car, travel by moto, travel by air, talking about how to spell, learning to type, and translating the Word of God!

And now, Issah Gajah, a Lutheran pastor in the village and a reviewer during this whole process, sees the typeset print ready copy of the Komba New Testament. He says softly, with a tone of wonderment, “It always seemed like a story on white pages. Now it looks like the Word of God.”

Our desire is that those beautiful words would jump off the page as they are spoken through mouths and heard through ears, that those beautiful words would reach into the lives of many Komba people so they too might hear and love the voice of the One living Word of God, our tiyudaan (head –owner) Jesus.

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