A Lenten preparation for an African Bible: doing without Scripture in our own language

What are you giving up for Lent, which begins this year on Ash Wednesday March 5?  Why would someone limit their freedom and “give something up” for Lent? My Lutheran tradition emphasizes that we don’t give up something to earn points with God or to look down on others who are not as “spiritual” as we are. Rather my friend Continue reading

Eschatology: Bible dedication as a sign that God’s rule is surely coming

The Bible dedication of the Likɔɔnl (a.k.a Komba) New Testament will be coming up this year. It is coming as a sign, a symbol, that God’s reign is coming and most certainly will come in its fullness. Following the trajectory of my last post, Here is how a Bible dedication can be conceived of as an eschatological in breaking of Continue reading

Eschatological events

I’ve been thinking about eschatological events recently. It was actually a description of the ministry We Are Cherished  that got me thinking about it.  Women, some of whom have been abused in prostitution and have escaped that cycle, organize once a month in order to go into strip clubs.  They obtain permission to give specially wrapped gifts to the women Continue reading

The L.W.M.L

I had a great weekend at Camp Pioneer in Angola, NY with 150 wonderful ladies of the Lutheran Women Missionary League of the Eastern District.  It was a special pleasure to speak to them on their conference theme from Psalm 107:33.  What an interesting theme and so appropriate for our lives as missionaries and our lives as Christians. Our springs Continue reading

A beautiful Word

Ten years of talking and imagining a printed Bible, advocating that churches and communities support the project, meetings galore, thousands and thousands of pages of draft copies, lots of red ink, red eyes, travel by car, travel by moto, travel by air, typing and talking about how to spell, and to type, even to translate the Word of God! And Continue reading

Typesetting as a testimony to Easter

Happy Easter! As the ancient greeting goes – Christ is risen! As part of the celebration of Christ’s resurrection, on behalf of all the participants [1] in the Komba Literacy and Bible Translation Project, I wish to announce that the Likɔɔnl (or Komba) New Testament is ready for typesetting! That means we have completed all the necessary things as far Continue reading